4 Weeks Down, 2 to Go

Plants from High Meadows Farm

(This week’s photos were previously unpublished from the September 12th market.)

If you’ve been fortunate enough to attend all four of this year’s markets, you may have noticed that each one has had its own vibe.  And while attendance has also been different from week to week, one thing that we’ve noticed is this: we’ve got a successful little market on our hands!

Which is exciting, but no big surprise really.  After all, this is Putney; if we hadn’t known it would go over well, then we wouldn’t have tried doing it!  There are plenty of farmers’ markets all over this region, and they’re all very nice.  One thing does seem to be for sure, though.  None of them is like ours, and we’re awfully proud of that.  And with the continued support of our community, this market will continue to grow and thrive, proving the fact that this is a vital and creative place to live.

Aew Ladd, serving it up at Thai Hut
Bob Stabach, looking great in black and white.
Zeke Goodband selling Scott Farm apples
customers tasting and learning from Zeke

New to this site today is the “Vendor Links” sidebar, where we’re compiling all of the websites for folks who sell at our market.  And just so you know, the last day of market is also 10-10-10, the 350.org Global Work Party day.  To learn more, check out their website, and keep your eye on this blog for further info and event announcements as the date draws closer.

And remember, with only two markets left, now is the time to stock up on local storage crops to last through the winter!  So we’ll see you this Sunday, and thanks for checking in!

Lots of love at the Vermont Shepherd booth!





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