Winter Market Photos, 12/11/11

Thanks to the wonderful Darrow family of Green Mountain Orchards for hosting us again this year. Our winter markets are a much looked-forward-to event, and we can’t wait to come back next year! (Although a few weeks off in the winter is much appreciated, right?)

Photos from 11/20/11 Winter Market

(All photos by Kristina Israel. Please do not reproduce, use, copy or burgle in any way.)

"Windfall" is a new line of eco-dyed silk scarves from Crooked Fence Farm.
The scarves are dyed with plant-based materials... the result is always a surprise!
Children's Fantasy Wear by Jill Green

2011 Update, More Winter Market Photos

It’s midwinter and we’re trudging through the deep freeze here in Vermont, making plans for the upcoming year and dreaming of spring.  Winter is a great time for quiet preparation; board meetings, conferences, new project ideas– lots of planning is going on right now.  The Vermont Farm to Plate initiative just released its 10-year plan for continued growth of our regional agricultural economy, and farmers’ markets play a large role in strengthening our farmers’ economic position.

Our farmers’ market Board of Directors meets once a month, and is working on such items of interest as creating our market’s by-laws, bringing 3 Squares Vermont/ SNAP benefits to our market, and writing the budget for this market season.  We are slated to reopen in May, on Mothers’ Day (the 8th), and run through October (likely until Columbus Day weekend).  We have just received confirmation through Transition Putney that another lease has been approved for the market and Putney Community Gardens to continue land use on the property across from the co-op.  This is fabulous news, and we’re so grateful to the Gateway Association for making it possible.  It’s important to our town that these projects continue to thrive.

Applications for the 2011 market season will be released soon, via this website.  If you are interested to know when that happens, you can subscribe to this site via email, and receive instant updates when they happen.  The deadline to apply will be sometime in March, the exact date will be printed on the app.

We’re looking forward to a successful first full market season.  Enjoy these photos from the 12/19/10 holiday market, and check back soon for videos from the same!

The 12/19/10 Winter Holiday Market

Enjoy this gallery of images from our second (and very successful) Putney Winter Farmers’ Market.  Our many thanks to our wonderful hosts, Green Mountain Orchards!  And thanks to all of you who came out to do your holiday shopping with us.  We love you, Putney!

Check back soon for more images from the market.  Happy New Year, everyone!